Canon S90

S90's image is on the left, the SD850's is to the right

After several years of trusty service (the first few months were a battle, but that’s besides the point), I’m replacing my PowerShot SD850 IS with something a little more advanced. Since I’m not ready to take the plunge into the world of DSLR, and didn’t want something terribly large, the S90 fit the bill. Simply put, there are too many things to love about the S90. It’s small (though slightly larger than the SD850), has a fast lens, has a large (for a ‘point and shoot’) sensor, and has a control right around the lens.

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Spring Photos

These were taken with my Cannon SD850IS a few months ago, back during the tree bloom (the “first bloom” of the season). Everything was shot in “macro mode”, no flash, everything else set to auto. Cropped using the Gimp, no other post processing.

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A few weeks back while dissembling an old DVD-ROM drive (to harvest it’s red laser diode), one decided to take out the camera and an LED flashlight. Going into a dark room, the optic unit of the DVD drive was placed on a white surface. Then the flashlight was placed on top of the unit, shining down through the lens. The results are quite interesting.

One fiddled around with different shutter speeds as well as ISO settings, using CHDK. Higher ISO levels on the SD850 IS is horribly grainy. Hence, one did not spend much time shooting with a high ISO level.

-John Havlik

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