Breadcrumb NavXT and BuddyPress Compatibility

While developing Breadcrumb NavXT 5.4, I spent some time investigating the compatibility issues between Breadcrumb NavXT and BuddyPress. Within Breadcrumb NavXT, every attempt is made to use the WordPress API, when possible, to maximize the compatibility with other plugins such as BuddyPress. However, this is not always enough, and the findings of this investigation are presented in this article.

What You Need

These are the plugins and versions used when performing the testing reported on within this article:

  • BuddyPress – At the time this article was written, 2.5.0 was the latest available version and was the version tested against.
  • Breadcrumb NavXT – Tested against a development release of 5.4.0.

What Works

Out of the box, group and user/member archives work in Breadcrumb NavXT 5.4.0.Unfortunately, the design of BuddyPress does not incorporate much of the standard WordPress content organization facilities. Hence, out of the box support for BuddyPress in Breadcrumb NavXT leaves much to be desired.

What Doesn’t Work

While user/member and group pages are detected correctly, the breadcrumb for the user and group archives/directory is missing. Additionally, none of the sub-components of the user/member and group pages are represented in the breadcrumb trail.

The Solution

Breadcrumb NavXT BuddyPress Extensions is a free, add on plugin for Breadcrumb NavXT that fixes many of the shortfalls in BuddyPress support. It will fill in the missing breadcrumb to the group and user/member archives/directories when on a group or user/member page. Additionally, it will fill in the correct breadcrumb trail when in a sub-component of a user/member or group page. It is a simple activate and you’re good to go plugin—no configuration required. For non-English language sites, note that you will need to use the included .POT file in the languages directory to create your own translation set to get ‘Members’ and ‘Groups’ to translate to your language.

-John Havlik

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WP Lynx 1.1.1

What’s this? A bugfix release for WP Lynx? That’s right, announcing the immediate availability of the first bug fix release for WP Lynx 1.1. Three bugs were squashed in this release. In 1.1, the uninstaller was moved to a newer uninstaller akin to what Breadcrumb NavXT received in 5.3.0. However, the wrong class was instantiated, causing uninstalls to not work, this has been fixed in 1.1.1. Additionally, a bug in the settings page content alignment in WordPress 4.4 was fixed. Lastly, the Lynx Print adding interface now handles server side errors more gracefully.

You can grab the latest WP Lynx on the WP Lynx plugin page.

-John Havlik

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Breadcrumb NavXT 5.3.1

This is the first, and hopefully only, bug fix release of the 5.3 branch of Breadcrumb NavXT. Three bugs were mercilessly squashed in this release. These bugs were: a bug that occurred when upgrading settings, a bug that caused a PHP error when the post_type query variable was an array, and an issue with alignment of the settings page content on WordPress 4.4.

In previous versions, a bug in the options migration script prevented new CPTs and custom taxonomies settings, or settings added by extension plugins from being instantiated properly. This manifested itself as undefined index PHP warnings/errors.

In instances where the post_query query variable is an array (set by another plugin), previous versions of Breadcrumb NavXT would throw PHP errors. bcn_breadcrumb_trail::get_type_string_query_var() has been updated to return the default type string when the post_query variable is an array.

Lastly, WordPress 4.4 introduced a slight styling bug in the settings page. In this bug, the content under the settings tabs would be misaligned (fall off to the right edge of the screen). This release introduces a fix to this bug.

As always, you can grab the latest version of Breadcrumb NavXT from the Breadcrumb NavXT page. If you experience any issues with this version of Breadcrumb NavXT, please leave a comment on this post detailing the issue.

-John Havlik

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Breadcrumb NavXT Multidimension Extensions 2.0.0

It was not too long ago the last release was announced, and now a new version of Breadcrumb NavXT Multidimension Extensions is available. Breadcrumb NavXT Multidimension Extensions 2.0.0 adds three new features; two new filters and one setting.

The two new filters, bcn_multidim_term_children and bcn_multidim_post_children, are in response to a need to filter the taxonomy terms and posts (pages) included in the second dimension of the breadcrumb trail. They filter the arguments string passed into wp_list_categories() and wp_list_pages() respectively. See the Breadcrumb NavXT Multidimension Extensions Filter Reference for more details on these two filters.

Additionally, a setting was added to control the display of the second dimension breadcrumbs of the home breadcrumb when on the home page. This only applies to when children are displayed in the second dimension (either via the widget, or calling bcn_display_list_multidim_children()). This setting is available on the Breadcrumb NavXT settings page under the Extensions tab.

You can grab Breadcrumb NavXT Multidimension Extensions from the plugin repository.

-John Havlik

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WP Lynx 1.1.0

Presenting WP Lynx 1.1.0: a few tweaks, bug fixes, and further modernization. WP Lynx 1.0.0 used some WordPress hooks that have been deprecate, that has been fixed in this issue. Additionally, a “Get” button has been added to the “Add Lynx Print” screen. Pressing enter after entering the URL will still cause WP Lynx to fetch the URL, the Get button simply provides another avenue.

The textdomain has changed for WP Lynx to match the plugin repository slug. This is to be compatible with Language Packs once they are rolled out for WP Lynx. More details will be available once Language Packs are rolled out for WP Lynx.

On the bug fix front, this version will once again use the user specified Lynx Print template from the settings page when inserting Lynx Prints. Additionally, a workaround was added for servers that send images with transport compression. Finally, the Add Lynx Print button has been tweaked so it will work correctly in there are multiple instances of the editor.

You can grab the latest WP Lynx on the WP Lynx plugin page.

-John Havlik

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