Breadcrumb NavXT is in a Book

So today I received an email stating that a plugin of mine is featured in a book about WordPress—I wonder which one it was. After doing a little research I confirmed that the book does, indeed cover Breadcrumb NavXT—the email wasn’t very specific as to which plugin they were talking about, and I almost passed it off as spam.

The book is “WordPress and Flash 10x Cookbook” by Peter Spannagle and Sarah Soward. As the title suggests it covers WordPress and integrating flash elements into it (Yes, I find it odd that Breadcrumb NavXT is in it, but whatever). The section covering Breadcrumb NavXT is in chapter 2, and does a decent job representing it. Though, personally I would have elaborated a little more on it. In particular, I would have been a little more specific in the installation instructions—the provided instructions could lead to a different plugin being installed.

Unfortunately, with the fast pace of software development, the book is sort of out of date (not as bad as a WordPress 2.8 Themes book released this month by the same publisher). Luckily, Breadcrumb NavXT has not changed enough for the instructions in the book to be invalid or misleading. If you are looking for a book on WordPress and Flash you may want to check it out. You can pick up a copy from the usual place (Amazon).

-John Havlik

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Breadcrumb NavXT 2010 Roadmap

With the first beta of WordPress 3.0 being available, it’s time to think about Breadcrumb NavXT once again. Currently, the SVN version of Breadcrumb NavXT works in WP 3.0. All versions of Breadcrumb NavXT prior to 3.5 (not released yet), have known bugs in WP 3.0.

As Breadcrumb NavXT 3.5 is already upping the minimum WordPress version to 2.8, support for custom post types won’t make this release. Some modifications to the core will be done to enhance extensibility for those who don’t want to use OOP techniques (e.g. filter/action hooks will be added). The first “beta” of this will be available, without updated translations, in the next two weeks. After a month of beta status, translations should be updated and a release in early May (will be moved up to be within a few days of the WordPress 3.0 release, if not before).

Breadcrumb NavXT 3.6 will require WordPress 2.9 as custom post type support will be added. Depending on the time available this release may have enhanced multi blog support. Currently, it looks like this will show up sometime in July.

Breadcrumb NavXT 3.7 will wrap up any multi blog support not covered in 3.6. Depending on how WordPress 3.0 and 3.1 turn out, this version may require WordPress 3.0. This will be a fall release, probably sometime in October.

-John Havlik

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An Unexpect End Error

Ok, so a few of you have reported a PHP error involving an unexpected $end in breadcrumb_navxt_admin.php on line 1567. After some searching and thinking, the cause was found. Line 1248 of breadcrumb_navxt_admin.php has an improper opening tag (<? instead of <?php). For some reason only Windows based PHP installations were catching this. None-the-less, this has been fixed in the SVN trunk and a bug fix release, 3.4.1, will be made next week.

As one has not been able to reproduce this error on either of one’s testbeds, feedback from those who had this error is essential to ensuring that it is fixed. If you experience the error with Breadcrumb NavXT 3.4.0, please try the SVN trunk and see if it is resolved and report back in the comments section of this post.

-John Havlik

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Vista-Like Breadcrumbs for WordPress


Update: This was modified on February 10, 2015 to reflect changes in suggested calling code for Breadcrumb NavXT. Note that the Breadcrumb NavXT Multidimension Extensions plugin handles the PHP side of things covered in the guide below.

Update: This was modified on January 11, 2011 to reflect changes in the code base of Breadcrumb NavXT. Note that this should now work for all newer versions of Breadcrumb NavXT (3.6.0 up to 4.0). It will not work for the proposed Breadcrumb NavXT 4.0.

Previously, one revealed how to apply Janko’s breadcrumb trail tutorial to WordPress using Breadcrumb NavXT. After several requests for a breadcrumb trail a la the one found in Explorer since Windows Vista, this guide was created. While this guide will not provide a method to exactly recreate the Vista breadcrumbs, it will be in the same spirit. The breadcrumb trail style will be extended; a simple replacement of images and minor CSS tweaking will result something behaving very similar to the vista breadcrumb trail.

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Breadcrumb Patent

Want a breadcrumb trail on your website that behaves like the Windows 7 Explorer breadcrumb trail? If you live within the United States, or any of its territories, then you may need a patent use license.


US Patent Application No. 20080282199 covers all breadcrumb arrangements used on the internet that resemble those in Windows 7. This patent was filed in late 2008, and seems to be pending USPTO approval. While some of its claims cover features of Breadcrumb NavXT, Breadcrumb NavXT qualifies as prior art (Breadcrumb NavXT has supported hierarchical categories since 2.0.0 Beta 1, way back in November 2007).

This was found in the midst of research for implementing custom taxonomy support in Breadcrumb NavXT. In the next release, 3.4.0, taxonomy support will be completely reworked. This will enable support any flat and hierarchical taxonomy for post organization and archives. The former was implemented and in the SVN Trunk, the latter is a work in progress at the moment. Note that the SVN Trunk should be considered volatile at this time, and may contain code that does not fully work.

-John Havlik

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