Breadcrumb NavXT 7.0 and Premium Extensions

Over the past few weeks, various Breadcrumb NavXT extensions have been updated in preparation for Breadcrumb NavXT 7.0. Today, the last batch of extension updates are being released. The following extensions are now ready for Breadcrumb NavXT 7.0:

Breadcrumb NavXT 7.0 is scheduled for release within the next two weeks. It is critical that any extension plugin in use is updated to a version compatible with Breadcrumb NavXT 7.0 before updating Breadcrumb NavXT to 7.0. Due to extensive, under-the-hood changes to the admin interface for Breadcrumb NavXT 7.0, it is not compatible with older versions of the extensions.

Users with valid and activated license keys should receive an update notification within the WordPress dashboard and be able to use the update mechanism to update (just like with any plugin in the repository). Note that this release has a phased rollout. Currently, the release is available to half of the active licensed installs. Starting on 11/29 the release will be available to all active licensed installs. If you run into any issues, please open a support ticket.

-John Havlik